Call for Submissions

Necessary Angel Theatre is seeking proposals for original work in support of its upcoming production of 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane.


Necessary Angel will curate a series of original, multi-disciplinary works reflecting on the artist’s relationship with depression. We are seeking work that excavates depression from the perspectives of contemporaries, outsiders and insiders alike.  We welcome and are encouraging proposal submissions from visual, literary, dance and spoken word artists.

Selected submissions will be eligible for financial prizes ranging from $250 – $1000, inclusion in promotional materials, and curated through the performance run of February 11 – 23 at venues selected by Necessary Angel. Winning submissions will also be considered for inclusion in an original, bound publication investigating the subject matter of depression.

About the Production

4.48 Psychosis weaves the imaginative with the unimaginable, presenting audiences with a glimpse behind the veil of severe clinical depression. Freeform in both its treatment and casting, the play has garnered acclaim for its stark, sometimes disturbing authenticity. Every inch of Kane’s scarred consciousness lays bare in Psychosis, a cragged landscape where viewers are compelled to confront the convention and reality of depression.

Original text:

Submission Guidelines

  • All submitted artwork/literature must be original work owned/managed entirely by the submitting artist/s.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by an artist’s statement outlining how the material informs/progresses the subjects of madness and depression.
  • All submissions should be delivered via email to
  • Preliminary literary submissions should be no more than one page in length (excluding artist’s statement)
  • Preliminary video submissions should be no more than 3 minutes in length and less than 10MB
  • Preliminary visual arts submissions should be low-resolution JPEG’s no more 1000 px wide or 1MB in file size.

All submissions should be submitted no later then Friday January 11, 2012 by email to



About necessarynotes

Necessary Angel produces compelling live performances. The company collaborates with artist innovators to explore urgent ideas through original work and existing texts creating entertaining and enlightening experiences for intrepid audiences.
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